5-Year Self

With a prompt of imagining our lives 5 years in the future, we were asked to create a body of work representing our future self. With inspiration of my background in planning and design, and Elon Musk’s bold statement that people will be on Mars in 2025, I imagine my life as designer and planner for the Mars Colony. This packet represents a welcome package sent to a prospective colony member, including a guidebook, some maps, an ID, and the packaging it was mailed in.
    This project’s focus is on making place. It is designed as an experience to allow the viewer a glimpse into this imaginary future. Utilizing Forms and allusions to activities, the goal is to create meaning for the viewer painting a picture of place in their mind.

Mars Colony


Saddle-stitch Booklet, ID card, Laser Prints, and Packaging

November  2019

© Michael Rosenberg