8o8 Open Studio Wayfinding

How do you find place within space when that space is an active construction site? Extensive wayfinding. For the Graphic Design Open Studio in 2019, we created a wayfinding system that spanned the entire building, leading people from the entrance through an active construction site, to the fourth floor, and through the halls to the Open Studio event. They wayfinding also helped guests find their way to the various activities the event had to offer, as well as help them find their way out of the confusing construction site of a building.
This project coordinates with form of place as well as activity. The design of the system was to facilitate active use of the space and participation in all aspects of the event, while also helping people navigate the space through physical forms.
8o8 Open Studio Wayfinding
Collaboration: Ana Benfield, Xiqiao Chen,
Wei Yun Chen,  Ashwini Patil, and Xiwen Xu

Black and Yellow Vinyl
October 2019

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