Perspective Matters

Centering on the idea that objects can be a physical representation of memory, Re-Memory consists of a poster collection, a site-specific artwork, and a time-lapse video. Each poster is designed featuring an object important to use, while the various iterations and sizes are to represent the act of remembering the memory attributed to the physical object. The wheat paste instillation has layers of meaning and depth, which can only be revealed through the time-based video.
    This project explores may aspects of place. We created a form in place, that has layers representing past forms and history. It was a documented activity of an unprogrammed space that is a neglected space of an otherwise programed building. This project also created meaning in this space for us as well, since it was a project that took an entire day just to assemble.



Site Specific Artwork and Video

Collaborators: Jenna Benoit and Claire Bula

February  2020

© Michael Rosenberg